Diesel and Greenwash: Are We Biased?

Every responsible operator is thinking about reducing carbon footprint. They don’t have an easy time with that though: The Volkswagen scandal has triggered an “anything, but diesel” mindset in many customers and legislators. However, the electric power based solutions for Heavy Duty vehicles are not ready for mass adoption. There are promising signs on the not so near horizon for some of the problems. But for now, energy density problems of batteries and clean hydrogen fuel generation are still the top issues are here to reckon with.

So is improved diesel technology. The Clean Diesel title may sound greenwash, but the message is clear: Diesel technology does not equal fossil based diesel fuel. It may become not reliant on that sooner than most people think.

What is Clean Diesel? from Diesel Technology Forum on Vimeo.

As controversial it may sound, clean diesel is a powerful tool to fight greenhouse gas emissions. Optimizing diesel usage is something you can do today to build the financial basis of further improvements.

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